Worakls – 54 (Official Video)


VIDEO: Worakls – 54 (Official Video)
Worakls - 54 (Official Video)

Worakls – 54 (Official Video) – on music platforms : https://sonate.lnk.to/54-
Orchestra Tour 2022 tickets : https://sonaterecords.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/worakls.music/

Artwork by Giorgia Lupi

This cover is a visual representation of the origin and story of LIV as well as a visualization of the song itself.

The (54) lines in the background are overlayed with the two main dates for the story of the song (2.25.22 and 9.2.22), illustrated with the black dashes and connections.

The central artwork represent a manual dissection of all the instruments and melodies in the song from the beginning (measure 1, upper left) to the end (measure 196, lower right) as heard and logged by the artist (Giorgia Lupi).

If you listen closely and zoom in, you cal hopefully follow the song too. 🙂

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