tricot «#アチョイ» (祝とりこちゃん小学六年生/ September 1, 2022)

VIDEO: tricot «#アチョイ» (祝とりこちゃん小学六年生/ September 1, 2022)
tricot "#アチョイ" (祝とりこちゃん小学六年生/ September 1, 2022)

New release #アチョイ(#Achoi):

New album『不出来(Fudeki)』 with an autograph card is pre-order at MERCHBAR, MD-SASS, and mu-mo.
We made a “Fudeki" autograph card for the album purchase bonus!

【mu-mo SHOP/MD-SASS SHOP/MERCHBAR original privilege】
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[Limited External Bonus] Specially made "Fudeki" autographed card (1 sheet)
* Autographed by all members
*A special offer linked to the YouTube live commemorating the release of "Fudeki".
*Please be aware that due to the nature of autographs, the finish of each autograph is different, and there may be some blurring of the letters and ink.
*The number of special offers is limited and will end as soon as they are gone.

※海外向け出荷可能(Available for overseas shipment)

・mu-mo SHOP
※国内向けにのみ出荷(Shipment in Japan only)

※海外向け出荷可能(Available for overseas shipment)

tricot will release their new album ‘不出来(Fudeki)’ on 14 December. Fudeki’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘ failure’, the opposite of excellent. The previous album was titled ‘上出来(Jodeki)’, which means excellent.

This is a collection of our non-arrivals, re-arranged mainly from our treasured songs that have not been selected for inclusion in the album until now. We decided to try everything if we couldn’t make it anyway, so we’ve been trying to make it as un-tricot-like as possible. Anyway, it’s not good enough. I hope you enjoy it.

What will “”不出来(Fudeki) be like compared to the album “上出来”(Jodeki) released last December, and what kind of music is "failure" for tricot? Look forward to hearing more! And please feel what is "not good enough" with your own ears.

“tricot” is a Japanese rock band that was formed in the historical and cultural city of Kyoto on Sep 1, 2010.
The band develops an unusual and distinctive sound that consists of harmonization of pop and emotional vocals with a complex rhythm. The members are not familiar with math rock and such harmonization is not created on purpose.
“tricot” has been to many places around the world and successfully held a total of 109 shows overseas through 3 Asia tours, 2 Europe tours including a supporting act for Pixies in the UK, US tours and UK tours. Their concert events are often sold-out and tricot is active throughout the world as musicians.

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