The 1975 – All I Need To Hear

VIDEO: The 1975 – All I Need To Hear
The 1975 - All I Need To Hear

The 1975 – All I Need To Hear
Recorded live at Real World Studios, supported by YouTube Music
From ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ out 14th October
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I get out my records when you go away
When people are talking, I miss what they say
Because it all means nothing my dear
If I can’t be holding you near
So tell me you love me, that’s all that I need to hear
I sit in my kitchen
with nothing to eat
With so many friends I don’t want to meet
I don’t need music in my ears
I don’t need the crowds and the cheers
Just tell me you love me, that’s all that I need to hear
I’ve been told so many times before
But hearing it from you m
eans much more
So much more
Reply to my message
Pick up my calls
You see, I wrote you a letter
It was no use at all
Oh, I don’t care if you’re insincere
Just tell me what I want to hear
You know where to find me
The places where we’ve lived all t
hese years
Tell me you love me, that’s all I need to hear


Director: Samuel Bradley
Creative Directors: Patricia Villirillo & Matthew Healy
Production Company: Amelia Studios
Stylist: Patricia Villirillo
Creative Producer: Jamie Glydon
Producer: Alice Ellis
DOP: Eoin Mcgloughlin
Featuring: Jamie Squire & John Waugh
Label: Dirty Hit
Makeup Artist: Elaine Lynksy
Hair Stylist: Matt Mulhall
Post Production: Pundersons Gardens
Edit: Toby Heard
Grade: John O’Riordan
BTS: Jordan Curtis Hughes
Music Recorded & Mixed by: Oli Jacobs
Assistant Engineer, Monitor Engineer: Dom Shaw
Assistant Engineer: Bob Mackenzie
1st AD: Elle Lotherington
2nd AD: Rory D. Bentley
1st AC: Emmy Robinson
2nd AC: Ada Wesolowska
Camera Trainee: Alex Stanley-Ruthven
Gaffer: Nathan Mathews
Spark: Christian Smith
Spark: Beau Wilkinson
Styling Assistant: Nelima Odhiambo
Styling Assistant: Rafaela Roncete
Live Tech: Jack Hughes
Sound Recordist: John Thorpe
Production Manager: Keaton Williams
Production Assistant: Natnael Dawit
Production Assistant: Lyza Anderson
Runner / Driver: Juliette Hagg
Video Playback Op: Steven Toft-Sharpe
Medic: David Baker
Camera Equipment: Emmyland
Lighting Equipment: GLO Film Lighting
Film Stock: Frame24
Film Processing: Kodak

Special thanks to the whole team at Real World Studios

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