Ray Laurél – CHARLES JEFFREY (Official Video)


VIDEO: Ray Laurél – CHARLES JEFFREY (Official Video)
Ray Laurél - CHARLES JEFFREY (Official Video)


AC – Sam Papidas
GAFFER – Marc Casademont Cases
SPARK – Isaac Paulo Van De Langkruis
DRONE OPERATOR – Victor Frankowski
RUNNER – Alice Sharp

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Don’t fall in love with me
I’ll only break your heart
Don’t you start staring at me
I’ve seen that look before
Cuz boy, I’m no good for you
I’m devil in a dress
The closer you get to me
The more you’re gonna burn

I’m not your savior
Your baby no
I’m not the guy you think you’ve found
I’m not your loverboy
Your bubba no
Take my advice and turn around

I hear your every thought
I know just what you want
Your dirty little mind
You’re giving me the signs
I’ll send your drink back
I don’t do romance
Not anymore 🙁
So stranger

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