Powfu – watch me miss (ft. Jomie)


VIDEO: Powfu – watch me miss (ft. Jomie)
Powfu - watch me miss (ft. Jomie)

Official video for "watch me miss" by Powfu ft. Jomie. Prod. Tsurreal

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i don’t wanna stay inside all day
but i don’t wanna see you to see me like this
i don’t wanna let the fire fade
but i don’t wanna take a shot then watch it miss

stuck again the end has come
try to find where it’s all from
face the force and push the pain
pray to God i’ll find the strength
you the only thing that I miss
this house feeling more like abyss
rinse all of the pain aside
i just wanna feel your hand in mine

no one really know me
cuz there’s no one i been close with
liked you for awhile
just my mama that has known this
growing up is tough when there’s no one you can trust
wounds in my back from the people that I loved

walking dead like i’m a zombie
keep it nice and clean till you wanna do me sloppy
i don’t really care much
only if u want me to
here’s a riddle i was hoping you could haunt me boo
highschool had we found a clue uh
you and a little mountain dew who
new like em pockets full of hundreds
i’m blue since i tried finding all the chances I blew

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