MEUTE’s YouTube Premium Afterparty

VIDEO: MEUTE’s YouTube Premium Afterparty
MEUTE’s YouTube Premium Afterparty

New album TAUMEL: 11/18/2022
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After Party Documentary: Kerem Gruber
Music Videos: Steffi Rettinger, Martin Lamberty, Elisabeth Vogler

Music produced by Daniel Bongard and Thomas Burhorn
Mixed by Daniel Bongard, Studio Bellafonte
Mastered by Gavin Weiß Mastering

Marco Möller | bass drum
Timon Fenner | snare drum
Onkel | snare drum
André Wittmann | marimba
Philipp Westermann | sousaphone
Philip Morton Andernach | bass saxophone
Adrian Hanack | baritone saxophone
Johnny Johnson | trombone
Sebastian Borkowski | tenor saxophone
Hans-Christian Stephan | trumpet
Thomas Burhorn | trumpet

#meute #technomarchingband #taumel

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