Max Cooper – Stream of Thought (Official video by Optical Arts)

VIDEO: Max Cooper – Stream of Thought (Official video by Optical Arts)
Max Cooper - Stream of Thought (Official video by Optical Arts)

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Max Cooper:
The visual story begins with a natural analogue for thought. A slitscan view of the mechanics of matter and time as we see rupturing objects reminiscent of branching neural pathways. It is an aesthetic study of the foundations of the system upon which our story will unfold.

The music originated from my attempt to capture a free-flowing stream of thought, to communicate the free thinking, ideas generating state. My work relies as much on this process as it does on rigorous logical thought, and I wanted to try and capture the free part without much subsequent editing. With the meandering development of themes, and changes of direction, like a stream.

I worked with Optical Arts Studio on the visual interpretation of this idea, and they constructed a special system of shattering objects under slitscan filming, where time is stretched out across each frame exposure as a spatial rendering. It creates the effect of solid objects disintegrating into a multitude of paths, capturing the ideas of a stream of thought in visual form.

I worked with Lawrence Kendrick and Niels Orens on the spatial audio mix, mapping the positional information and flow of sounds to the structures of the video sequence.

Music: Max Cooper,
Visuals: Optical Arts Studio,
Label: Mesh,

Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Art Direction & Photography: Joe Jackson @jag.jackson

Executive Producer: Hannah May @hannahannahmay
Camera: Elliott Lowe @elliott_lowe
Styling: Jamie-Lee Harding @jamieleeharding

Editor: Greg Hayes @greghayesedits
Colour Grading: Martin Pryor @m.artin.pryor
2D Supervisor: Miguel Wratten @miguelwratten
2D Artist: Ben Gallagher @ben_gallagher25

All video & audio copyright is owned by Max Cooper – no use without permission

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