Little Simz – Broken (Official Audio)

VIDEO: Little Simz – Broken (Official Audio)
Little Simz - Broken (Official Audio)

Official Audio for "Broken" by Little Simz

Feel you’re broken and you don’t exist
When you feel you’re broken and you cannot fix it
Feel you’re broken and you don’t exist
When you feel you’re broken and you cannot fix it

What does it mean to be broken
The wound is painfully open
The beauty is in the finding
The darkest parts of the ocean
Deep waters in motion
The tide was coming in heavy
I always knew I was chosen
To handle whatever chose me
Picking all of my poisons
Abandoning my emotions
Questions got me feeling like I should’ve never have spoken
Damn right I’m spilling
The narrative they keep switching
All I wanted to do was uplift the woman
You gotta move if you ain’t backing the vision
They wanna see you a victim
And giving up on your mission
I been hitting some lows
And never telling a soul
You can have everything and nothing still nobody knows
There’s a reason why the doves will never fly with the crows
Chapters eventually close
Your friends’ll turn into foes
Everybody’s so obsessed with the CEO
She’s probably got the most troubles that she’ll never disclose
Dealing with the dark by taking the white to the nose
Poker face in action continuing with the show
Scrutinised for freeing the truth about the system
All she wanted to do was uplift the women

– Hook –

What does is mean to broken?
Feels like your light has been stolen
Can’t recognise you are golden
And you don’t see that your loved
Smoking weed on your one’s
Isolating yourself
I am even enough?
Now you question yourself
Man this week had been tough
Been saying that for a year
How do I disappear?
Can I hide from my fears?
Sometimes a feather can feel like a stone
When you so weak you can feel that shit in your bones
She was lonely
Taking anyone to her home
Getting cosy
Internal insecurities travelling so deep
We all go thru our hardships
With no life book so knees to the carpet
And pray your being guided by a force so you can’t sink
Look how far you’ve and still you’ve only just started
You exist
You alive
You are deserving of life
You are a beacon of light
You are determined to fly
You have a journal inside
You have the power to write
You, have the opportunity everyday to decide
Chose love
It might just blossom into a new love
But whatever happens know that you’ve won

– Hook –

Ain’t no happiness in it
Fake smiles just to deal with all the pain you’ve been given
As a child they didn’t tell you that you dreams can come into fruition
You’ve never been to that place you envision
Sky gave you limits
You had no choice but to accept
Forced into work to contribute to the profit of Britain
That sneeze will be blessed but the coughing will kill him
It’s the Armageddon city this shit might damage your soul
They won’t take the weight of you when you can’t manage the load
Like they’re just waiting to hear a fucking crack in your bones
Generational trauma you’ve had to deal with alone
No father how do you become a man on your own?
Did the best that you could with you tools you were loaned
Didn’t know how to break the mould and now your raising a clone
Gives me comfort to believe you’d want the best for your seed
Wishful thinking if the intentions don’t align with the deed
And If what you hear contradicts you read
War ready but traveled to this country for peace
Crabs in a barrel your neighbour feeling the same shit
But he might screw you if someone offers a payslip
No one ever told you your mind is not to be played with
No one ever taught you bout moderation and patience
Under all the eyes and the pressure and the scrutiny
Why’s is mental health a taboo in the black community?

– Hook –

It shouldn’t be a norm to live your life as a tragedy
To live your life in a state of confusion and agony
promises you made reflect the promises they gave you
And all these harsh experiences don’t reflect you age
No family to save you
No friends to aid you
Can’t even speak English so there’s no one to explain to
Only God to pray to
They denied you of hope but you found your way through
That’s a break through
21 landed in London with hardly any funds
27 tryna get back to being 21
Cos nothings changed still no money but more things to pay for
So the blood pressure rises slowly by the day
Work 2 jobs just so rice is on the children’s plate
Landlord tells you this is the last time you can be late
Health issues that you try to suppress
But all your health issues are derived from stress
You tried your best gave an arm and a leg
Only tears a cold house is what you’ve been left with
Self hate for the black skin you were blessed with
Hard to believe there’s something greater you were destined for
Prepping for, gave your life to others you didn’t invest in yours
A broken soul selected for God’s plan
Everything will be what it’s meant to when it’s in gods hand

– Hook –

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