Letra: Tyler The Creator – RHINESTONE


Letra de RHINESTONE  de Tyler The Creator
Letra de Tyler The Creator RHINESTONE
[Verse 1]
Nigga close that door, I’m that goddamn boy
You a telescope, nigga I’m a goddamn star
You could watch me all you want, bitch I’m goddamn far
These goddamn bars the reason why I got that car
My life sweet like a Kit Kat bar
You ever seen a four-sided triangle? Nigga I’m that hard
Pause, oh, y’all
Fuck that shit, Golf Le Fleur, Globetrotters I’m the goddamn sarge
Nigga, who the fuck got me? Franklin Ocean, Rocky, Taco
Ghandi prayers couldn’t stop me
I ain’t really into y’all energy, into goods, into cars
Still don’t believe that I’m into boys
Flow like menopause, did that hit over here, over there
My thoughts are darker than Senegal niggas
Pissin’ off all of y’all, fuck ’em then
Everything I spit was heat, bitch I’m lickin’ char
Jerking off, is he cute? Pick a charge
Amex, pick a card, big garage, pick a date, pick a car
Catch me in a fucking droptop with the heater on
In the seat beside me I keep high with a Nia Long
We be countin’ stars, baking cookies and singing songs
I put on some Kelis, I guarantee she gonna sing along
Probably using the same vocal chords with my dingaling
And my merch numbers high as fuck, they don’t need a bong
Nigga we doing swell, last deal around twelve
Like when a holy priest gettin’ skeeted on
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