KillWill & The Marine Rapper – Grinchmode (Official Video)

VIDEO: KillWill & The Marine Rapper – Grinchmode (Official Video)
KillWill & The Marine Rapper - Grinchmode (Official Video)

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Gut punch we struggling
Salt wounds they rub it in
Whoville need the red pill
Cuz they got bills
No heat for the cold chill
No Nat King Cole, just a lump of it
Steal your hard on money for the fun of it
87,000 agents and they loving it
Or just a tale of a weaponized government
They got the green face and the grim smile
Give an inch now we know they take a mile
J6 and the witch trials
Wear a red hat then your profiled
Programming your child’s minds with the
Tiktok and the woke lies
They baphomet in disguise
They, they blurring all lines
Don’t got remind me
The devil wears Prada
To all of the pedo’s at Balenciaga
They peddle the poison they drag you to hell
Whole generations they under a spell
Nuclear family is under attack
Organize and resist then you fall in their trap
Should be the season to forget all of that
But we getting robbed by these maniacs
Oh hell na

They going grinch mode
Breaking thru the windows
Coming for your kids now
Aiming for the lost souls
They going grinch mode
Creeping in the shadows
So Santa if you real man
Please bring me some ammo
They going grinch mode eh eh eh
They going grinch mode

That’s it had a enough this, I
Draw the line when it comes to kids, Why
Pedophiles online all the time and they try to ruin lives, it’s repulsive, ewggh
What’s up with the trafficking? ewggh
Round the world what’s happening? um
AI real fake in this, um
Can’t make up the ugliness
For a, blue face they will fake smile and
Twitch, streams and the suicide and
Elon and Twitter files and
Laptop and Hunter Biden
Everything blows my mind and
Even cartoons defiled and
Coming after your child and
I’m drawing the line
So I lace up my boots and I put on my camo
Santa if you real then bring me some ammo
No family tree only rappers is present for all of our children so men gotta step in
Yes sir, I’ll be the male to address this
Yes sir, we gotta protect our blessings
Santa, Don’t worry about your checklist
Cause I’m crossing naughty off, kids you don’t mess with

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