Karen Harding – Back To You (Visualizer) [Ultra Records]


VIDEO: Karen Harding – Back To You (Visualizer) [Ultra Records]
Karen Harding - Back To You (Visualizer) [Ultra Records]

Karen Harding – Back To You out now on Ultra Records! https://lnk.to/karen-harding-back-to-you

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Tears on a friday
You know what I’m like 

Im gonna drink
N I’m dancing tonight

Telling myself that
You’re not on my mind
When you’re stuck on mind 

I know we’re fightin cos I need ya
Your my armour, you’re my weakness 
No more hiding
No more secrets, not again 

Everytime that it gets harder
We go back to where we started 
Yeh we always find each other in the end 

Wherever you go 
I will follow 

Whatever it takes 
I’ll come through 
(I’ll come through) 

And there’s no escaping 
From your love 

Cos I know Every road I take 
It always leads me back to you 


Been waiting my whole life for some one like you
Someone who can handle the things that I do
Show me the way and I swear I’ll follow you
Yeh im right by your side 
Sticking right by your side

– – –

#KarenHarding #BackToYou

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