Juice WRLD – Issues LETRA


Os traemos la letra de Issues de Juice WRLD, perteneciente al álbum Unreleased Songs.

Juice WRLD Issues letra

Juice WRLD – Issues LETRA

Needs transcribing
[Intro: Juice WRLD & G Herbo]
Uh,  you know how it is
[?] Mike Crook
G.  Ry [?]

[Verse: Juice WRLD & G Herbo]
And  we keep pistols
Rocket launchers missiles
Youngins  will walk up and hit you
Juice don’t know how to whistle
We just trickin’ off 62
[?] spit 62
He  don’t give a fuck he rich too

Why you over here lil’ bitch, you ain’t fucking is you?
We takin’ phones in here, we don’t want no issues
Rollie plain jane ice, that’s an old igloo
Need a sweater if you next to me, you ain’t cold is you?
Me and Swerv’ bringing issues, issues, issues, issues
Just like Future got no issues, issues, issues, issues
Magazine in that Kel-Tec, issue, issue
You dying today if we into it
Herbo tell ‘em what we been through
I was in the field with my dogs and we tryna eat with some beneful
I catch a nigga I still will do
That shit forever we been fool got some real niggas still beneficial
If it’s about me, they’ll get with you
Diamonds shinin glistin hitcu
All my Jays official
Get your issue, get your issue, keep those bitches with you
Soon as you understand time is money I don’t gotta kick it with you
[?] can’t be on your menstrual
She wanna fuck on me and Herbo
I’ma turn that bitch to Squirtle
Audemar on my wrist cost 30 Gucci fur coats
I don’t wanna hurt you hop on my dick like you hoppin’ a hurtle
Lambo stick shift in my grip, do the turbo
I got these shells in my house, like I’m collectin’ turtles
You don’t want no issue, issue, issue
Bitch we rich we still’ll hit you, hit you, hit you
He in his feelings, you want some tissue, tissue, tissuegot it from the mud you can get this shit too Juice tell ‘em what we been through
Barely walkin’ off the Percs, all this shit I been through
I lost my brother so I’m try’na do what he would do
Deep in this street shit had to get physical left a nigga fucked up mental
Too quick to kill you my anger built up ain’t had nobody to vent to

Yo bitch want me to vent to her, fuck her all night
Percs on me, geek time, rock-star life
Still be in the traps, ooh
I’m with them killers from over east I feel like that dude
Round of applause for this nigga he got clapped, ooh
Call me crazy, I’ma get that strap, ooh
G Herbo always offbeat he don’t know how to rap, do he?
He run up some millions, don’t know how to act, do he?
[?] pack like oowee
Ran a quarter mil up in two weeks
We was havin’ shootouts in [?]
Mama kicked me out like Bruce Lee
You think I’m gettin’ some Buffalo wings hopped out [?] with this blue cheese
Try’na rob, .40 fuck him up [?]
[?] we losin’ [?]
And we ain’t doin’ no schemes
We just livin’ our dreams
We just doin’ our thing
Rockin’ Designer jeans
And our watches got bling
Ain’t worried ‘bout a thing
Hollows gon’ pop out, bang
Bank account’s green
Hoodies by Supreme
Whips on gasoline
Cribs big as fuck
[?] Sutton Springs
We ain’t stressin’ a thing
Me and Swervo boolin’ boolin’ up in Sutton Springs (Gang)
Money everywhere so put the racks up
‘Cause if the police come you not gonna have no back up
Me and Herbo sippin’ Wock’ but we gon’ Act’ up
We gon’ Act’ up, bitch we gon’ Act’ up
Police comin’ through the front I’m out the back, yeah
Did I say back? I meant I’m coming out the brack, yeah
Everywhere I go I fucking snap, yeah
We on blast, me and Swervo on blast, me and Swervo on blast

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