8 Minute Freestyle Lyrics from Juice WRLD


These are the lyrics of 8 Minute Freestyle from Juice WRLD, from the album Unreleased Songs.

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8 Minute Freestyle lyrics from Juice WRLD

8 Minute Freestyle lyrics from Juice WRLD

Hop out the Bentley skrrt, damn, skrrt skrrt
They already know who I am, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, ayy
Came from the bottom, I been through it all, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, ayy
Had to get up every time I would fall, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, ayy
Hop out the foreign to go see my pharmacist
Four in the morning, the lean, it was calling me
Four in the morning, my stomach was hurting
I’m throwin’ up everything, throwin’ up everything
I’m back in business, I’m power sippin’
With some bitches that wanna karate kick it
Ain’t been feeling myself as of lately, nigga
I been killin’ myself as of lately, nigga
Mixin’ lean with the pills, ayy
I been feelin’ really crazy
Mix my pain with my thrills, ayy
It don’t feel real, feel real
I’m for real, real
It don’t feel the ways you think it feel, don’t feel real
I’m in the cut getting high off of everything
Marry narcotics, I bought her a wedding ring
I’m at the top getting top from your baby ma, yeah, yeah, yeah, from your baby ma
Yeah, yeah, poke her face like she Lady Gaga
Yeah, I go hard, fuck that shit, I go harder
I play that bitch like guitar
I turn that bitch to a star
She give me top in my car
Damn near forgot how to drive
I fuck your bitch in my car
I turn that bitch to a star
She gave me top while I drive
Damn near forgot how to park
I’m goin’ harder than hard
Fuck nigga, I’ll pull your card
You will get beat in the yard
Shot in the yard, stomped in the yard
Told you niggas I go hard
I put that shit on my mama
Told her to save me the drama
She won’t even save me, no commas
Lately, I been on the come up
Darin’ a nigga to run-up
.40 on me, it’s a drum, uh
I pull it out get to dumpin’
I feel so perfect, my name is perfection
Don’t make no mistakes
See through these niggas, I know that they fake
Stomach get bigger, I already ate
I am still hungry so pass me a plate
Work out my problems, they in better shape
He wanna fight, beat him like heavyweight
I got the rock, I shoot, no fadeaway
I’m in the cut with a new razor blade
Ready to slit him like wrists, lil’ nigga
Young as hell, I’m a rich lil’ nigga
Fool as hell, you a bitch, lil’ nigga
Run up on me, you get hit, lil’ nigga
I’m in the cut with them sticks, lil’ nigga
Instagram, she wanna flick, lil’ nigga
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, pick the bitches
Fuck her one time then get rid of the bitches
I can not focus, need Ritalin, nigga
Xanny give me that adrenaline, nigga
Run up on me then I’m hittin’ ’em
I up the Tommy, I up the Hilfigers, lil’ nigga
I never stop, I keep goin’, lil’ nigga
I’m in too deep like the ocean, lil’ nigga
Floatin’, I’m off of the potion, lil’ nigga
This shit that I smoke is too potent, lil’ nigga
I got older then fucked on babysitters
Never been a quitter, always a winner
I’m advanced even though I’m beginnin’
Lord forgive me for I know that I’m sinnin’
Either way it goes, I know that I’m winnin’
Niggas Drake as fuck, they up in they feelings
Niggas fake as fuck, act like I can’t see ’em, ooh
Bitch, I still see ’em
Michael Jackson, I told her to beat it
Ballin’ out, put the Derek to Jeter
I’m so hot, call me Juice WRLD fever
Pull up on him with my gun, I beat ’em
Smoke him like weed, I rain ’em
Glasses on my face, I seen ’em
Glock 40, red beam
That lil’ bitch swallow my demons
I’m finna fuck her to pieces
I’m finna fuck her for peace
I take a xanny for Peep
I take a perc for the weak
I left my kids in her teeth
That shit not coral like reef
I blow on gas, I blow on gas
She blow on my dick through my briefs
I have to keep this shit brief
That lil’ bitch is so annoyin’
I do not know why we speak
I forgot that that bitch was a freak
She suck me every time that we meet up
I’m in the cut with the Nina
Wet ’em up like it’s new Aquafina

I’m on the road, I’m on the road, I’m on the road
Losin’ control, I ball, shoot, I ain’t sell my soul
I’m on the road, I’m on the road
In the hotel, fucking hoes in my room
Niggas talk dumb, I pull up with the pole, uh
NBA, bitch, I’m a pro
Talkin’ that shit, get this on, yeah
I might just run through your home, yeah
I put the gun to your dome, yeah
Your bitch is giving me dome, yeah
Pull up on him then I blow, yeah
Your lil’ bitch, that is a ho, yeah
You know that that lil’ bitch know, ayy
Percocet poppers, they focused
Niggas they go through the motions
Me, I can’t feel no emotion
Sippin’ on purple, it’s potent
I catch him up in the open
Try me if you want, I bet you really wanna, uh
I’ma smoke a nigga like some marijuana, uh
Pull up on him, AK-47 on me, uh
Never gave a fuck, I did it by my lonely, yeah
In the stash box with the MAC tucked, uh
Tell a fuck-nigga, “Come catch up,” ayy
Way too ahead, fuck it, back up, uh ayy
Fuck the bitch from the back, damn near fucked her back up
That shit dead, Bernie Mac, uh ayy
Pull up on the scene with the gun tucked
Got it on me now, nigga run-up, uh, ayy
Ain’t no cockin’ back, bitch, it’s one up, uh ayy
I know niggas from Atlanta that got broads
That’s a designer for you dumb-ass hoes
I pull on the scene with a new Glock
Moncler pants on me like I crack cards
Say she wanna fuck ’cause I’m a rap star
Eh, wrong, lil’ bitch, you know I’m a rock-star
Fuck your bitch then I go shoot up a cop car
I forgot what happened, I was on the xan bars
Sip so much lean, I think I am a pint
Run up on me, put that gun to your life
After I kill you, my dick in your wife
She not thinking ’bout you, she prolly did twice

It was over
After that it was—, I just got hella vibes out of this beat though
I don’t know where all that came from
The foods here though
It’s outdated, fuck, I’m itchin’
Perc shit
Hold on, I’m finna grab my food, it comin’ in
You said what?
Yeah, yeah

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