Hallman – Wait Forever


VIDEO: Hallman – Wait Forever
Hallman - Wait Forever

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Viktor Hallman is a Swedish composer and producer who goes by his surname, Hallman. Growing up near Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, it wasn’t until he tried out a friend’s piano at the age of twelve that he discovered an intuitive inclination for music. After spending the following two years learning via online tutorials, Viktor began experimenting with music software FL Studio, subsequently using his instinctively musical ear to produce a variety of tracks.

Warehouse worker by day, producer by night, Viktor describes his work as sometimes drawing “inspiration from nowhere”. Off the back of tiny melodic ideas frantically recorded on his phone, he experiments and builds starting points for his next songs. Now, after numerous successful songs like Starfields, All In My Head and I’m Going Like, he has gained a tremendous following from fans craving to hear what’s next from this gifted Swedish act. , Viktor Hallman is a self-taught and dedicated producer born and raised near Gothenburg, Sweden. At the age of twelve, he tried out his friend’s keyboard and discovered his ability to easily learn songs, and he loved it. His musical dedication started to grow and at the age of 15 he came across the music software FL Studio, which came with an eager to create. Riding the EDM wave and inspired by the Swedish legends within the genre, Viktor Hallman set the direction towards his goal of a career in music production.

Inspired by summer vibes, joy and happiness, Hallman gives us a twist of tropical house with dept and emotions. Energetic synth and piano chords give light to the room, backed up with pacey snares and percussions to get the pulse up. Standing still is not an option when the tunes of Hallman blast through the speakers.

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