Disturbed – Bad Man [Official Music Video]


VIDEO: Disturbed – Bad Man [Official Music Video]
Disturbed - Bad Man [Official Music Video]

Listen to "Bad Man" from the new album Divisive out now: https://Disturbed.lnk.to/Divisive

Working with Midjourney, director Tristan Holmes created this video over a 30 day period entering prompts, using AI image generation of more than 10,000 frames, and creating frames to link the video together.

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Creative Direction & Animation: Tristan Holmes
Producer: Jason Cole
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Image Generation: Midjourney
Editors: Arianna Tomasettig & Tristan Holmes
Finishing: Chocolate Tribe
Color Grade: Terry Simpson
Video Commissioner: Devin Sarno

Bad man, such a sad man
Is it ever enough
Will you ever find a new obsession
What a bad man, like a blind man
So lost in the dark
Still searching for his own salvation
Bad man, you’ve been had man
You can never return
And you’re never going to find redemption now

Bad man… a bad man
Another madman

Oh bad man, what’s the reason why
Innocents always have to die by your hand.
No, I will never understand
Why these cowards bow your demands
We’re all victims of/at the mercy of… another bad man

Bad man, no, you didn’t think that we were ready for war, and you questioned our determination
Take it back man, ’cause we’re not dealing with your shit anymore, you’re about to have an education
Damn man, got a plan man, need to settle the score, there’s no way that you can be forgiven now.

Bad man… a bad man
A fucking madman


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