Devin Wild – Scorpio | Official Video

VIDEO: Devin Wild – Scorpio | Official Video
Devin Wild - Scorpio | Official Video

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Devin Wild has taken listeners on an intoxicating multi-sensory journey throughout his concept EP ‘Exhale’. Folding an array of diverse influences into his signature style, this EP has brought listeners to all corners of his creativity with tracks like ‘Exhale’, ‘Against Time’ and ‘RUIN’ showing just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

The final single of the ‘Exhale’ EP is a dark and distorted tune that finishes the project with one final hit. Deep and pounding tune ‘Scorpio’ illuminates an atmosphere of mystery and obscurity. Unusual kickdrums and synths find their way to inhabit your mind, as Devin Wild gives you the ultimate underground rave feeling.

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In 2002, Dov J. Elkabas, aka DJ The Prophet opened the doors to a new and innovative movement. A label emerged that would change the face of Hardstyle forever. Scantraxx not only ignited itself as a record label, but as an entire platform devoted to harder styles music of superior quality and a hub where fresh talent can flourish and create their careers.

Scantraxx represents D-Block & S-te-Fan, Adrenalize, D-Attack, Deetox, Demi Kanon, Devin Wild, DJ Isaac, Envine, Ghost Stories, Imperatorz, Imperial, KELTEK, Kronos, Lady Faith, The Prophet & more.

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