Devin Wild & Deadcrow – RUIN | Official Video

VIDEO: Devin Wild & Deadcrow – RUIN | Official Video
Devin Wild & Deadcrow - RUIN | Official Video

Devin Wild & Deadcrow – RUIN is out now on Scantraxx as part of Devin Wild’s Exhale EP. Download or stream the EP here →

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Devin Wild’s new ‘Exhale’ EP has already unveiled extraordinary creations such as ‘Exhale’ and ‘Against Time’, which explore an experimental soundscape that are not confined by perimeters of genre and style. The newest single from the EP ‘RUIN’ showcases a raw and untamed creativity that takes centre stage and takes over the listener’s mind.

Made in collaboration with futuristic Trap producer Deadcrow, this unexpected collaboration shares a dark and fierce sound that sweeps through genres such as Hard Techno, Schranz, Trap and Grime. Immerse yourself in this unpredictable sonic journey that will take you down a rabbit hole of obscure intensity.

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In 2002, Dov J. Elkabas, aka DJ The Prophet opened the doors to a new and innovative movement. A label emerged that would change the face of Hardstyle forever. Scantraxx not only ignited itself as a record label, but as an entire platform devoted to harder styles music of superior quality and a hub where fresh talent can flourish and create their careers.

Scantraxx represents D-Block & S-te-Fan, Adrenalize, D-Attack, Deetox, Demi Kanon, Devin Wild, DJ Isaac, Envine, Ghost Stories, Imperatorz, Imperial, KELTEK, Kronos, Lady Faith, The Prophet & more.

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