AD INFINITUM – Seth (Official Video) | Napalm Records

VIDEO: AD INFINITUM – Seth (Official Video) | Napalm Records
AD INFINITUM - Seth (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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SETH Produced by Ad Infinitum
Orchestrations by Elias Holmlid
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen

Director of photography: Vincent De Fallois
Lighting design: Kristof Schlösser
Lights & camera assistant: Clara Keilbach, Valentin Zuckmantel, Zoe Lemm
Hair & makeup: Paula Tsukino
Guests: Jenny Diehl, Mieze M-M (Feuerschwanz)
Special thanks to: Stiftung Zolleverein, Indra Mauer, Florian Schlenker, David Alvarado



You want to fly above the fire
On the top of the world, looking down
Pick your poison between jealousy and anger
Both will bring you back to the ground

When the taste of greed has touched your lips
You seek the power
Give a stage to your demise

Deceiver divine
Falling from the sky
As your empire catches fire, your illusions die
Distorted lullaby, the rotten taste of lies
In the abyss, no salvation for the wicked

You told yourself the tales, the wonders
You shaped the whole plot in your mind
But the horizon darkens, ruining the picture
Should you paint another lie?

When the sun sets on your dreams
And leaves a sense of failure
Free fall, all fears arise

Oh deceiver

Melissa Bonny (vocals)
Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars)
Korbinian Benedict (bass)
Niklas Müller (drums)



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